Scrap Car Prices in Dublin on Top

Posted on 15th Nov 2021 by CarTakeBack Posted in: Latest News

Scrap car prices in Dublin soar!

After taking a plunge during 2020 throughout the disruption and uncertainty that was brought on by the impact of Coronavirus and the lockdowns, this autumn has seen scrap car prices in Ireland rise, particularly so in Dublin.

How much are scrap cars worth in Dublin?

Average scrap car price in Dublin is €350!

This month saw a big surge to scrap car prices and we’re seeing the average value of a scrap car in Dublin soar to over €350! That’s €100 higher than last month’s national average price.

The most frequently scrapped cars in Dublin are currently, the Ford Focus, Toyota Avensis and Volkswagen Golf.

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Scrap car being lifted by a claw from a pile of other scrap cars

How much is your scrap car worth?

To find out how much you could get for your scrap car in and around Dublin, or anywhere across Ireland, all you have to do is enter your vehicle details and location into our online form. You’ll instantly see how much your scrap car is worth.

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